About your Massage Therapist

I would like to introduce myself to you, my name is Pam Sharp, LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist). I studied at Texas Center for Massage Therapy and graduated with over 815 hours of classroom and clinic time.  Additionally, I received the Academic Achievement Award for exemplary grades.

Here is a little history of what brought me to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. Young Living Essential Oils were introduced to me after some major life changing events that I was faced with.  Although I had little knowledge of natural healthcare, in a short time, I gained the knowledge of what a difference this lifestyle can make in a persons health! Soon it was familiar to everyone around me, that famous line “I’ve got an oil for that”. After applying oil on a friend’s back, it was suggested to me to become a massage therapist. At first I laughed, thinking that is not for me! But, after giving it some thought, I realized it was something I was interested in.  Massage school soon became mind-blowing and it turned out that I found my passion in life! Young Living Oils now enhance the Massages I give!!!

Discovering my passion for helping others has truly been a blessing! Therapeutic Essential Oils are used in each session to enhance the way your body moves and feels. There are no words that describe the feeling you get when you hear feedback from your clients, ‘I can sit without pain’, ‘It doesn’t hurt to lift my hand above my head any longer’, ‘my neck and shoulders feel great’  …. I can honestly say that I believe I have found the path that God has directed me to! To Him I owe the glory!

Remember, an imbalanced body can bring a considerable amount of discomfort, and my goal is to help ‘Balance’ each client’s body.


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