Raindrop Technique

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What is Raindrop Technique?

The Raindrop Technique is based on traditional techniques, and has been expertly perfected by Young Living founder Gary Young.  Raindrop involves the amazing power of essential oils (which are dispensed in small, rain-like drops about six inches above the body), mixed with a variety of techniques, Vita Flex and heat application.  The technique is designed to bring the body back into overall alignment.

Often, many spinal problems and misalignment’s are caused by or exacerbated by toxins exposed within the spinal column.  The use of essential oils helps to minimize exposure within the spine, helping its structure and function return to normal.  The essential oils used in this technique also support the nervous system and promote healthy tissue.  The session lasts about an hour however the benefits may last up to a week or more.

Why Try the Raindrop Technique?

  1. Addresses Imbalances in the Body
  2. Supports Nervous System
  3. Promotes Proper Structural Alignment
  4. Relieves Minor Discomforts in Back, Muscles and Joints
  5. Supports Emotional Health
  6. Lessens Effects of Toxins
  7. Stimulates the Nervous System
  8. Promotes Healthy Tissue
  9. Promotes Proper Immune Function

Essential Oils Provide Unique Health Solutions

Nature has provided a solution that has been used for centuries all over the world – essential oils.  Extracted from a wide variety of plants and botanical s, essential oils are the essence of the plant and contain various active compounds with an astounding capability to positively affect the body and mind.  Most noticeable by their aroma, essential oils can be used to effect change within the body for numerous benefits.  There are a number of application techniques involving essential oils. One of these is a specific technique to help address the common “imbalances” in today’s modern world.  This technique is called the Raindrop Technique.

What Essential Oils are used in the Raindrop Technique?

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  1. Aroma Siez Essential Oil
  2. Basil Essential Oil
  3. Cypress Essential Oil
  4. Marjoram Essential Oil
  5. Oregano Essential Oil
  6. Ortho Ease Massage Oil
  7. Peppermint Essential Oil
  8. Thyme Essential Oil
  9. Valor Essential Oil
  10. Wintergreen Essential Oil


How do I Book a Raindrop Session?

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